The Spanish Lady number station is thought to be broadcasted by Cuban Intelligence (DGI), and is also known as V2/M8. The Spanish Lady and Atencion stations have been listened to for the past 40 years and even today they are very active. They can be found on a multiple frequencies, day and night. The transmitter site is believed to be located at Bauta, Cuba. Variations of the V2 have been around since the 196Os and can be heard about once a day compared to V2a which can be herd around ten times a day. The V2 uses a slightly different female voice which is much lower in tone and sounds more like a older woman. This station changes schedules much more often than V2a and will often change between 2 or 3 frequencies. V2 also uses AM mode and always has a distinctive carrier hum in the background. Broadcasts start on the hour and don’t often last more than 15 minutes. The messages usually contain only 30 to 50 five figure groups. It appears that the three digit number given during the call-up is the recipient. There is no obvious purpose to the second two digits; again possibly a priority’ indicator.



The Spanish Lady

The Spanish Lady Complete Sequence



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Rare Number Stations Book by Havana Moon - Uno DOS Cuatro: A Guide to the Number Stations