This is the second MfS station to fall silent and was characterized by the use of clock chimes in it’s broadcast. This station stopped transmitting on Wednesday 9th May, 1990.

Message: Achtung!
06667 Trennung 81
16324 Trennung 26…

The first five digit numbers are the agent’s address number with the second number representing the group count of that message.

Achtung! 06667 Trennung 81 06667 Trennung 81
76582 76582 40822 40822 43198 43198….Ende
Achtung !
16324 Trennung 26 16324 Trennung 26
43272  43272 87654 87654 16523 16523…. Ende.

Transmissions ended with an 8 second dead air period followed by a set of clock chimes.  The transmitter used for these transmissions was switched off within one minute of the final clock chime sequence, and was usualy switched on at the very beginning of the broadcast, never before.

G3 Gongs recorded in 1989

Traffic was presented at 19 groups per minute in German by a quite harsh computer synthesized female voice. Pronunciation was of the usual East German standard.

eins   zvo   dri   fier   funnif  zechs   zeiben   acht   noi-in   noll

Traffic was broadcast at half hourly intervals in the evening around 1800hrs UTC, with the last transmission beginning at 2300hrs and were usualy operated on the Upper Side Band 3258kHz  5410kHz frequencies.




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Rare Number Stations Book by Havana Moon - Uno DOS Cuatro: A Guide to the Number Stations