Cherry Ripe is the name given to a number station that uses several bars from an old English folk song that was called ‘Cherry Ripe’. The station is probably transmitting from Humpty Doo in Australia’s Northern Territory and usually uses the 21866 kHz USB frequency, although it was thought that it previously used to transmit from Guam, and is operated by the British Secret Service. It features an electronic synthesized voice of an English accented female, who reads out groups of five numbers. the station is probably sending messages to secret agents out in the field in China, which are then decoded using a ‘One Time Pad’.

Cherry Ripe is very similar to the Lincolnshire Poacher which is transmitting out of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The Lincolnshire Poacher has long been suspected as being transmitted by the British, and the Cherry Ripe has the same format and voice as the Lincolnshire Poacher. It is thought that as of July 2008, the Lincolnshire Poacher is no longer active, so what you hear today and think is The Lincolnshire Poacher is most likely ‘Cherry Ripe’.



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Rare Number Stations Book by Havana Moon - Uno DOS Cuatro: A Guide to the Number Stations